Superintendent Dr. Bauer's Goals

Superintendent Dr. Todd Bauer's 2022-2023 Goals

Image of Todd Bauer

 Goal District Comprehensive Goal Steps
 Impact student academic performance in the following ways:

- Increase graduation rate
- Increase PSSA proficiency rate in ELA/Math/Science by greater than 2%
- Increase Keystone Exam proficiency rate in Algebra/Literature/Biology by 2%
- Have an improved PVAAS growth measure across all grades
 Academic Excellence  - Universal screener at middle school level
- Continued instructional coaching model
- Revamping middle school schedule providing for major content areas throughout the school year
- Professional development in math for elementary and middle level throughout the school year
- Revamped homework and assessment practices
- Transition grading expectations for the 23-24 academic year
- ELA curriculum review and implementation
- Continue to advance efforts towards providing an equitable experience for all students and staff  Equity, Access, and Cultural Responsiveness

Community Engagement
 - Enhance stakeholder engagement and opportunities to meet with students, parents, and community members
- Continued efforts to increase diversity of staff
- Re-establish inclusion taskforce to further district efforts in inclusive practices
- Complete policy review process
- Initiate administrative regulation review
- Enhance efforts for staff retention including: sick bank process, healthcare center, focus on wellness, increased engagement
- Gifted screener for all students at the elementary level
- Continued efforts in future readiness: community hosted internship program, Post-12, Dual Enrollment 
- Increase community engagement efforts regarding potential renovation/addition of North Penn High School
- Prioritize and act upon capital projects
 Safe, Efficient, and Modern Schools  - Host school board meetings in the community
- Create opportunities to bring the community to Knapp Elementary to showcase the completed project, but also to demonstrate potential of a NPHS renovation
- Host Conversations at ESC, virtually, and Backyard Beans to provide access for all interested community members
- More regular communication with the community via newsletters, Facebook Live videos, etc. 
- Implementation of climate survey in the Spring of 2023
- Work with new Coordinator of Emergency Management and Safe Schools to address issues outlined in Margolis Healy report 
 Provide increased supports for social and emotional well-being of students and staff with expanded community outreach efforts in addition to in-district supports  Social and Emotional Wellness  - Focused professional development time on wellness targeted towards caring for self and for students
- Support opening of healthcare center and work with staff to incentivize use
- Lead efforts in grant acquisition and allocation to support student mental and behavioral health
- Continue expansion of therapy dog program